Hyundai Technology Abounds in New Vehicles

In the 21st Century our expectations for our cars have increased dramatically, with a lot of that due to the boost in quality and quantity of technology that make our vehicles so powerful, so fun, and so safe. Hyundai has responded to drivers’ expectations by constantly updating and evolving their offerings. Read on to see our top tech picks.

As your Hyundai dealership serving Calgary, AB, we have a few favorite technologies here at Country Hills Hyundai, including the following:

Smart Traffic Jam Assist: This feature maintains safe following distances in heavier traffic and initiates automatic steering control to avoid any potential frontal collisions.

Balanced Weight Distribution: Hyundai vehicles have been fine-tuned over the decades to achieve a near 50:50 front-to-rear weight distribution ratio, which makes for smoother driving, better aerodynamics, and higher fuel efficiency.

Interactive Voice Recognition: Drivers can now use nothing more than their voices to control many features of their vehicles, including certain mobile apps through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Noise Vibration, Harshness: With new acoustic technology, Hyundai engineers have been able to use NVH measure to block out noise from the engine and the friction of the road. Some folks like their cars for noisy, but for those who like a quiet sort of classiness, this helps tremendously.

Driver State Monitoring: A small driver-monitoring camera near the steering wheel actually can detect driver drowsiness and trigger an alarm if it notices eyes drooping. This one could be a real life-saver!

Whether you’re buying a new Hyundai Sonata or Hyundai Santa Fe, the technology that does so much in these automobiles will impress you tremendously. Stop by any time to check them out for yourself!

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