Country Hills Hyundai Values Customer Service

When it comes to buying new cars in Calgary, there are certain things that customers have come to expect, and the word “service” tends to be right at the center of what matters most. Here at Country Hills Hyundai, we have worked incredibly hard over the years to establish ourselves as leaders in both customer service and community service in the Calgary, AB area, and that continues to be the case as we dive into 2017 looking to be better than ever.

In terms of community service, we are incredibly active all year long. We continue to focus on involvement with fantastic groups and events like the Calgary Women’s Show, Expo Latino, and the Canadian Forces Appreciation Community. Anytime we can lend a helping hand for organizations and events that deserve it, we will.

In terms of customer service, we have tried extremely hard to make things as convenient as possible for all of our visitors. For starters, we pride ourselves on carrying literally hundreds of vehicles in stock, and we make it more convenient than ever to set up test drives and service appointments through modernized online scheduling services.

For those that visit our dealership in person, we have interpreters on call that can help native speakers of all sorts of languages, including not only English but Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and Tagalog. Whoever you are and whatever language you speak, we still want to make your visit to our facility as positive as possible.

Whether you’re looking to buying a new Hyundai Tucson or Hyundai Sonata, we want to help you find the ideal vehicle for you and your family. As a dealership with great customer service and a dedication to community service, we hope you’ll choose Country Hills Hyundai for your next new vehicle.

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