Summer Service Specials at Country Hills Hyundai


Whether you own the award-winning 2016 Hyundai Tucson or a pre-owned Hyundai vehicle, you’re eventually going to have to bring your automobile in for service to ensure it continues to operate the way it should. Luckily, now is a great time to bring your car into our Hyundai service center because we currently have some money-saving Summer Service Specials.

When you bring your vehicle into our Hyundai dealership in Calgary, AB, you can choose which special you’d like to take advantage of from the following three offers:

Summer Special #1

For just $124.95, you can get your oil and oil filter changed (up to five liters), have your tires rotated or swapped, and receive minor GDI fuel service. This deal also includes a visual brake inspection and a complimentary minor vehicle inspection.

Summer Special #2

If you choose our second special, your car will get a lube, oil, and oil filter change (up to five liters), four wheel brake service, and a tire rotation or swap. You’ll also get a new cabin air filter and a new engine air filter. You’ll receive minor GDI fuel service, a multi-point vehicle inspection, and a complimentary car wash as well. We’ll even vacuum the interior of your car, too. You’ll enjoy all of these valuable services for only $329.95.

Summer Special #3

If you decide to take advantage of our third special, your vehicle will get a lube, oil, and oil filter change (up to five liters), major fuel service with intake cleaning additive, and a free minor vehicle inspection. This special also includes a free engine wash. With everything that comes with this deal, it’s hard to believe it’s only $279.95.

If you’ve been having too much fun to clean your Hyundai vehicle this summer, bring your car to Country Hills Hyundai for a thorough cleaning. We have four levels of service for you to choose from, Bronze Clean, Silver Clean, Gold Clean, and Platinum Clean.

We invite you to give us a call or visit Country Hills Hyundai on Country Hills Boulevard NE to schedule your next service appointment. If you can’t stop by today, you can schedule your next appointment by visiting our website. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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