Hyundai Considering Upscale Genesis-Based Crossover

Hyundai Genesis, CH
Hyundai already offers upscale entries in its lineup such as the Equus and Genesis (pictured above), but unlike many brands in North America, the company lacks a luxury crossover to further compliment the sedans. The latest signs suggest that hole in the lineup might be filled in the near future, though. According to four, unnamed company insiders speaking to Reuters, the Korean automaker might build a posh CUV on the Genesis’ platform.

“We are considering developing premium, large SUVs based on customers’ needs. We plan to respond to the fast-changing market centered around SUVs by beefing up our SUV line-up,” said a statement from Hyundai to Reuters. The idea stems from a proposal last year to pounce on the booming luxury CUV market. However, this strategy doesn’t have a green light yet, and it could be years before the crossover sees showrooms.

Potentially holding things back is the brand’s concern about its power in the luxury market. “We are timid when it comes to bigger SUVs,” a source said to Reuters. Hyundai also remembers the struggles of the Veracruz in North America, and the vehicle was eventually replaced by the three-row Santa Fe. Finally, there’s a worry that higher gas prices around the time of the proposed debut could be a problem, too.

Even if the plans for the luxury model don’t pan out, this is hardly the end of Hyundai’s upcoming crossover plans. A compact CUV is reportedly under construction for North America, and there’s the much-rumored Santa Cruz unibody pickup potentially on the way, too.

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