Hyundai bringing Elantra GT, special edition Veloster to Chicago


According to a company source, Hyundai will be attending next week’s Chicago Auto Show, and releasing two new products. The updated Elantra GT – pictured above as the first vehicle, and the other, a special edition Veloster hatchback.

Autoblog’s source was tight-lipped about precise details, but did say that the refresh wasn’t anything obscene, but rather simple. We can then expect the Elantra GT to have some improvements made, particularly the interior refinement, powertrain and maybe infotainment and technology. It has been reported previously that there will no longer be coupes available in the Elantra lineup, so we foresee these changes to be a way that Hyundai can further separate the GT from sedan models.

As for the Veloster, it isn’t expected to be anything ground breaking, either. In the past, Hyundai has been known for debuting special editions of the Veloster during the Chicago Auto Show. Taking a look at last year’s debut of the Flex, we can expect the same this year – perhaps a new matte paint finish? Veloster Turbo buyers have been fans of that after all.

Whatever may be in store, we’ll have the full scoop next week during the Chicago festivities. Stay tuned.

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