Why Your Next Car Should Have Direct Fuel Injection


Everyone loves being able to save their money, imagine your vehicle not only being fuel efficient – but also being able to cut fuel costs, enhance power and reduce emissions. Gasoline Direct Injection is a new innovation that’s known as the “triple promise” fuel injection method.

The first known direct-injected engine dates back to the 1950’s, years of engineering complexities have made the journey from racetrack to highway a long one.

GDI is becoming popular among many brands, Hyundai included – and many are turning the dream of direct fuel injection into reality. GDI has been around for six decades, and most Hyundai models on-sale today feature the new GDI technology.

You’re probably wondering how GDI equipped vehicles can influence your driving. To appreciate how it all works, it’s wise to become familiar with the technology.

How Does Direct Fuel Injection Work?

When fuel and air become ignited with a spark, your engine begins to run. This combustion process is what drives the engine, and the car itself.

Traditionally, fuel-injected engines began working by drawing air into the engine, then mixing it with fuel just before entering the combustion chambers. Meanwhile, GDI injects fuel directly into each combustion chamber at extremely high pressures (in excess of 2,000 psi.)

Creating higher pressures in the combustion chambers, allows for greater control over the process as a whole. This allows engineers to extract a higher level of performance from the engine, while being able to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Increased Fuel Efficiency, Lower Emissions

Fuel-to-air ratio determines how efficient your vehicles is. When your vehicle has more air or a leaner fuel-to-air ratio – your fuel will burn more efficiently.

GDI works best when there is a direct path for fuel injection, this allows for greater control over the fuel mixture before ignition. The combustion process will be more efficient when the air-fuel ratio is carefully balanced and injection amounts are controlled – saving you fuel!


Controlling air-fuel ratios in the combustion chambers will increase compression within the engine and ignite earlier compared to traditional non-GDI engines. This will give your vehicle an increased power output.

Some Hyundai Models including the Sante Fe Sport and Sonota Sport 2.0T use GDI and advanced twinscroll turbocharger technology to achieve a combination of high fuel and power efficiency.

You don’t have to be a technician to appreciate the benefits of driving a car with GDI, whether it’s your finances or impacts of the environment that concern you, GDI offers benefits that can’t be ignored or replaced.

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