Top 10 Reasons to buy a Hyundai!

From 1983, Hyundai has been chasing the best car companies for market share and has now grown into a formidable, totally dominant car manufacturer turning out the highest quality cars with the latest technologies and the best warranties, all at affordable prices.

Top 10 Reasons to buy a Hyundai:

10. Brand Loyalty – Hyundai joins the elite ranks of car brands such as Cadillac as one of the most well-loved vehicle brands and is a young marque on the rise.

9. Warranties – There’s a reason why car makers try to match Hyundai’s five-year, 100,000 km Comprehensive Protection – it’s that good. But so are the other warranties provided by Hyundai, which cover everything from paint to wear items.

8. Growth – Over the past decade, Hyundai has demonstrated that they are a company that is growing and developing with technology and customer wants and needs. Every Hyundai is a step towards something better.

7. Awards – Hyundai has collected a number of awards for their vehicles, including most recently a J.D. Power and Associates Award for “2013 Genesis” – Highest ranked midsize premium car in initial quality.

6. Fuel Economy – Every Hyundai model keeps an eye towards superior fuel economy so that you can keep saving at the pump even after you’ve left the lot.

5. Roadside Assistance – Every Hyundai vehicle comes with a Roadside Assistance plan, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for three years after purchasing the vehicle.

4. Commitment to Community – Hyundai strives to give back to the community it is involved in through various programs such as: Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre, Fare Share Food Bank, Hockey Helpers, The United Way and many other charitable organizations right here in Port Hope, Ontario.

3. Technology – Hyundai brings the latest technology to their vehicles and makes that technology standard even on base models. Even the base trims of most Hyundai models have features found only on higher trims of other car makers.

2. Safety – Hyundai wants their customers to keep coming back, so safety is a top priority. Their 2014 Elantra was the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

1. Value – Hyundai’s models consistently have a suggested retail price lower than their established competitors, yet they provide more amenities and performance. This makes a Hyundai a top value, and in recent years, has led to Hyundai models maintaining resale value and rising to the top in terms of customer loyalty.


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