Hyundai: The Empty Car Convoy. Genius Advertising!

The newest Hyundai Genesis come packed with  plenty of power, interior refinement, and exterior style. It also boasts a variety of safety features designed to keep you moving down the road safely:

  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Advanced Smart Cruise Control
  • Brake assist

To prove the power of such systems, Hyundai put together a video that shows off these safety devices, in rather dramatic fashion. The clip is called The Empty CarConvoy, and it features a row of new Hyundai Genesis sedans driving single file at the automaker’s inland-California testing facility.

Once the cars are nose to tail, the drivers of all but one of the cars climb from up through the sunroofs and then leap onto the trailer of a nearby semi truck. The lead car still has its driver, and said stuntman places a blindfold over his face and CROSSES HIS ARMS.

This is a fantastic demonstration of the power of these safety features. In fact, we think this ad is up there with last year’s Jean Claude Van Damme Epic Split ad for Volvo trucks. The drama is there, the message is conveyed, and the visuals are perfect.


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