Hyundai Releases The Walking Dead Special Edition Tucson!

To survive the ever-impending zombie apocalypse, you’ll need wits, strategies and a strong intuition. Might come in handy to have Hyundai’s Special Edition Tucson inspired by The Walking Dead too. Revealed today at a special media preview at the Hotel Figueroa in conjunction with the Los Angeles Auto Show, this all-new production model Tucson will be available in limited quantity at dealerships starting early next year, just in time to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Walking Dead graphic novel series.

Finished with Ash Black paint, subtle red hand graphics are placed on both the front doors, made to look like the bloody hands of the undead. It isn’t all looks though, as this special edition gets a roof rack, mudguards and customer floor cargo mats. It is also includes a 72-hour survivalist backpack and a quick Tucson reference guide.

Special decals can also be fitted to represent which one of the four factions featured in the series you align with, either Hilltop, Kingdom, Saviors or Survivors.

“The Walking Dead Special Edition Tucson represents a chance for loyal fans to show their enthusiasm for the graphic novel series,” said Christine Jew, Tucson product planner. “The Tucson is versatile, responsive and fuel-efficient, allowing just enough room for those wisely-chosen passengers and supplies needed in the event of a zombie apocalypse or any survival scenario.”

Power for the Tucson Walking Dead Edition comes from a 2.4-liter engine that makes 182 hp and 177 lb-ft of torque. Only all-wheel drive is available, to make sure you can power through zombies with ease. Other add-ons included are LED taillights, automatic climate control and a premium audio system.

Additionally, Tucson’s third-generation navigation system includes a larger seven-inch touchscreen display with a special The Walking Dead splash screen.

“Working with Hyundai to create this limited edition Tucson is a great way to continue The Walking Dead’s 10th Anniversary celebration,” said Robert Kirkman, author and creator of The Walking Dead. “I’m excited to see the streets taken over by these cars.”

Hyundai’s continued partnership with Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image Comics and Kirkman’s groundbreaking comic and best-selling graphic novels, The Walking Dead, has evolved over the past few years and now includes three Hyundai Zombie Survival Machines and The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app, which allows fans to design their own custom zombie survival machines.

The Tucson Walking Dead Edition is on sale now.


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