Three Key Features that Excel the 2015 Hyundai Genesis

Rob Lescaille, Product Public Relations & Social Media Manager, points out some interesting features that might have otherwise been overlooked in the media scrum that was the Genesis announcement at the Detroit Auto Show.

The first feature he highlights is the smart trunk. As Lescaille points out, “With Smart Trunk, our engineers made it simple. It allows the driver to keep both feet comfortably on the ground, simply standing by the trunk for a few seconds, waiting for it to open automatically. The system also provides an audible warning and flashing lights prior to opening. No leg kicking or special dance moves required.” That last sentence is a reference to cars that require you to wave a foot underneath the bumper to activate the trunk.

The second feature worth noting, in Lescaille’s view, is the destination search powered by Google. “This powerful destination search engine can be accessed through the Blue Link button (voice recognition) and navigation display, or through and the Blue Link mobile app, to send a destination to the car. I’ve spent some time with the feature and it really is as good as it sounds,” he said.

Finally, the third feature worth checking out is the Genesis Intelligent Assistant App. As Lescaille pointed out, “The app combines Blue Link features along with data from the vehicle, the owner’s smartphone and the internet. Multiple layers of intelligence allow the app to send proactive notifications and recommendations to the Genesis owner in preparation for their drive.”

But the coolest aspect of it (besides reminding you to start your car on hot or cold days for optimal cabin comfort) is the suggested departure time feature for the route you will be driving. That could come in awful handy for getting a dawdling spouse to get ready a little faster.

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