Some Calgarians soon to lose door to door postal delivery!


Thousands of Calgarians will start collecting mail at community boxes this fall as Canada Post moves to end door-to-door delivery. John Farnand, vice-president on engineering, said select Calgary neighbourhoods bearing the postal codes that start with T3J and T2B will begin collecting mail from common boxes. The communities of Forest Lawn, Dover and Erin Woods in the city’s southeast and the communities of Martindale, Taradale, Falconridge and Saddle Ridge in the northeast will be among the 10,450 Calgary addresses that will be affected by the changes.

The end to the door-to-door delivery is part of the five-year national initiative announced last December involving roughly five million addresses. Farnand said the neighbourhoods that have been chosen are near areas that already have community mailboxes. He said that the operational structure needed to deliver to community mailboxes already exists in these communities, which makes them most suitable for efficient early conversion.

Canada Post has been using community mail boxes for about 30 years now in different areas and officials have found ways to accommodate customers that experienced difficulty, said Farnand. “We’re very sensitive about those issues, that’s why we’re going to be asking the community and individuals for input.” Residents in affected areas will receive a package that explains the transition and how people can express their priorities and preferences about their new delivery method.

Farnand said using the feedback from citizens, Canada Post will work with municipalities to determine suitable locations for the community mailboxes. He said they will and help senior citizens and others who may have some problems with the new system. Jackie Bruce, who lives in Midnapore, said the change although yet to be implemented in her area, is frustrating.

“One of the reasons that I wanted to live in this areas was because they had mail delivery and to me that’s a service like street cleaning, like anything else.” “When I bought my house, I was just not buying the house, I was also buying the services. “I’m not going to get cuts in taxes when these services are discontinued.” There will be no change in delivery for people living in apartment buildings, seniors’ buildings and condominiums who have mail delivered in the building lobby and to customers who have mail delivered to a rural mailbox at the end of a driveway.

Business addresses if in well-established areas, such as main streets or “business corridors,” or receive a relatively large volume of mail or parcels won’t be affected.

Canada Post will announce later the exact date when door-to-door delivery in the affected areas will cease.

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