Wind Chill in Calgary still a BIG Danger

There is no wind chill warning yet for the City of Calgary, but temperatures are still expected to reach into the -30s with the wind chill.

While temperatures are expected to rise somewhat in Calgary, residents heading outside will need to watch for a strong wind chill. The expected high is set at about -12, and the day is shaping up to be the warmest of the next five to seven days. There isn’t much wind, but when temperatures are this far below freezing, it won’t take much to generate a severe wind chill.

Wind chill warnings have already been issued for areas south and west of Calgary, with temperatures reaching nearly -40 for the morning. The wind chill for Calgary is expected to hit at least -30. In the heart of this cold snap, tow trucks are out in full force on the roads.

City Wide Towing says it is expecting a very busy day and the AMA reports that it is about five times busier than normal. On Thursday morning, AMA reports that it will be 16 hours before a tow truck can help you out. The wait for a tow truck on Wednesday was between eight and 10 hours and between three and four hours for boost, tire change, or to get yourself into a locked car.

Ron Wilson with the AMA says that drivers should be plugging their cars in when temperatures get this cold.
“When we get below -15, people should be plugging in their vehicles if the vehicle is outside. A lot of people don’t do that. The other thing we find is happening is people are starting their vehicles, leaving it running, and then locking the vehicle.”

The temperatures forced COP to close its hills for the past two days. Officials say that, with the warm up, they expect to let skiers and snowboarder back on sometime on Thursday.

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